Special Projects

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi was the last of the big electronic industries at the former Gateside Industrial Estate in Haddington. Here are some pictures we have gathered from our interviews with former workers who have assisted us with our project, in partnership with the European Ethnographic Centre, to record their experiences working at Gateside’s hi-tech industries.  

Joint MD Yoshio Noguchi and Secretary of State for Scotland
Campbell Gill Personnel Manager,Eric Murray General Manager and joint Managing Director Yoshio Noguchi 1984
Frontage of the factory
Frontage of the factory
Fiona Fairbairn
Sharon Stirling
Sheila Crosbie
Jean Fulton, Rosemary Bathgate & Ruth Gordon

Other Former Workers

Arthur Stewart
Bert Lindores
Meg Grahame
Sandra Crawshaw
Iain Edwards

Click here to see a 2 minute clip of the production line that was filmed during the making of a video by Videosyncratic in 1997, edited and narrated by Jilly Pollard with historical input by David Dick, called “Haddington: A Place for Everything