Did You Know?

Where can you find this line of former cottages?

February Question

The trace of one of a line of cottages can be seen in this Haddington garden wall.  Where is it and what were these cottages called?   Why might they have this name?

The answer is as follows:

The outline of the cottage is in the garden wall of Ladywell which faces the east end of Lydgait in Haddington. It’s the only remaining trace of ‘Whiskey Row’ shown in Wood’s map of 1819.   Between 1802 and 1814, around 2000 troops were stationed in Haddington.  The Infantry were housed in huts in Vetch Park immediately adjacent to the Row.  It’s likely that refreshments, legal or illegal, were provided to the troops from these cottages; hence the name.  A possible source for the alcohol might have been the lodge at Garleton Castle.  A recent survey by David Connolly  prior to restoration found a still hidden behind a fireplace. 

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