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East Lothian at War: Rare videos now available on Youtube.

We are very pleased to make the following videos available to view. They include interviews, photos and original film footage about the county during the Second World War, including that fateful night in March 1941 when the German Luftwaffe bombed Haddington.

Also if you are interested in WW2 put a note in the diary for Ian Brown’s talk on the Air Defence System during the War – 15th Feb 2024. Non-members very welcome.

East Lothian’s Fighting Farmers

The Bombing of Haddington, 3 March 1941

The Home Guard Stand Down Parade, 3rd December 1944

East Lothian Home Guard, Photo Gallery of WW2 installations

As with previous videos we are indebted to the skill and enthusiasm of the late Jack Tully-Jackson in their production.