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YouTube videos: The Industries of Haddington

We are very pleased to make available two short videos about the lost industries of Haddington – click to view

Haddington Industrial Heritage

Made in Haddington, No More

The first video ‘Haddington Industrial Heritage’ (2009) focussed on the West Mills, the Malting at Distillery Park and the Nungate Tannery while the second ‘Made in Haddington: No more‘ (2012) includes interviews and footage about industries that were once an important part of the the town. Both videos were produced by Jack Tully-Jackson who was the driving force behind both. He produced, persuaded former workers to appear, and recruited interviewers and photographers from Haddington’s History Society. Gavin Jack filmed and Eric Glendinning presented.

For anyone who didn’t know Jack Tully-Jackson

Jack was Irish, born in Dublin. He volunteered for the RAF Regiment and was posted to the north of Norway just after the war to secure airfields. In peace time he became a postman. He had a keen interest in photography and the past, especially WW 2 and vanished industries. He was a founder member of Haddington Camera Club, contributed a programme of stills or video for each Haddington Festival, and produced with Ian Brown two booklets on Haddington at War. And much more. His other dvds included Fighting Farmers (on the Home Front) and the Bombing of Haddington. His website on East Lothian at War was revamped by and is now curated by David Haire. He died, aged 93, in 2017 – Eric H Glendinning

You may also be interested in our current research project on the Gateside industries, which include photos and YouTube video of Mitsubishi Electric here.